Monday, January 19, 2009


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This is officially my 1st post in 2009! Yey! At last I can spare my time to write! Currently I am damn busy with work. Alhamdullilah, some of my 2008's resolution have come true! Part of it, I have achieved what I planned in 2008. It's a wonderful year! Its seems like my last year resolution is not that hard to achieve. Last year, I want to grad with good grade (Done! 3.5 baby!), be more patient, less complaining and more work.

This year resolution is not that simple. Finally, I am ready to loose A LOT of weight! That's my 2009's resolution. I want to get out around 50 kg fat from me and be a new person by the end of 2009.
Insyallah, I can!!!! Pray for me!

Currently I am busy writing my first novel. Some people from a well-
known publishing house interested to publish my first book. So, I have to motivate myself to write! The novel is called 'Senyuman Yang Sempurna'.