Monday, February 23, 2009


I know it is kind of late to write about this singer. But today, Afgan just accept me as a friend at facebook and I feel damn jolly fun! I don’t want to review this album directly like I used to. Let me share the story about me and Afgan (ceh, cam dia kenal je aku ni)

Once upon a time, (giggle) my best friend Pijan put a very interesting song on his Myspace page. It’s call “Betapa aku cinta padamu” by Afgan. I have no idea how this Afgan look like but straightly I fall in love with his soulful-deep beautiful voice. Plus, the song is damn good. I always love songs like that. It has the jazzy vibe. Then, I try to Google Afgan and sadly, unexpectedly the internet server was down.

Then, for a few weeks, I almost forgot about Afgan until my friend Farhan email me all the way from Australia and send me 4 of Afgan songs. So I continue listening to his voice without looking at his face yet. The songs that Farhan send me are Betapa aku cinta padamu, Entah, Terima Kasih Cinta and Sadis.

Seriously, I am literally in awe. I can’t describe the feelings. His voice makes my heart shiver. A part of my heart wishes I have his voice. I may sound ridiculous or over the top but this is what really happened after I heard all this 4 songs. After that ‘awe’ moment, then I get to sit on the computer and Google, Youtube and Myspace search this talented singer.

At last I can put a face on the great voice I heard. Damn! I am surprise. This can’t be true. He’s a kid! Seriously! That’s my first impression. Maybe, if I know how he looks like before even listening to his voice, I may not like him this much. I have a thing with good looking singers’ especially male singers. If you’re too jambu, I may not like you! But then, I have to admit that Afgan is more than just a pretty face singer.

After along wait, one day I heard his song “Terima Kasih Cinta” was played at Malaysia’s radio. is the first to play it. At that time, nobody knows Afgan yet. So I and my bff Airien have big hopes for Afgan to conquer Malaysian market. Suddenly, in short period of time, Afgan is on Radio Era and There are a little bit worries in our heart. We are scared that if Afgan get to be really big in Malaysia, we will loose him. (Like what happened between me and Peterpan. Ceh!)

One day, I got the big news from Airien that Afgan is coming to Malaysia to promote his debut album. By that time, I already have all of his songs (Airien download it for me). You have to remember that at this moment, his album is not release in Malaysia market yet. So we have no choice. We have to download it! I am so excited to have that album even though I already know all the song by heart. My favorite songs at that time are Entah, Klise, Shanti Lussy and I.L.U.

So the day that I’ve been waiting for finally arrive. On that day, Airien come straight from work with her heels (she wear it to meet Afgan). I come all the way from Bangi (It’s almost a one hour train ride!). We met at Bukit Bintang.

We are so relieved when we saw there are not so much people at Sungei Wang that day. (Alhamdulillah!). Straightly, we’re the first people that actually buy the cd. Watching Afgan singing live is a dream comes true for Airien and me. Gosh! I can even describe the feelings! Can’t wait for his next album! Afgan, If you come to Malaysia again, please don't forget about me, Airien and Pijan. We love you before you even exist here! =)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hawa by Nikki

Hawa by Nikki

I’ve been waiting for this album and finally it has arrive! Nikki debut album, Maharani is a great album and I have big hopes for this second album. Luckily, I am satisfied! At my first sight, I fall in love with this album. The cover is so beautiful. Just like a fairytale book. Now, lets go to the songs in it, one song at a time.

CANTIK (Audi Mok / Amylea)
This song started with a very fresh sound. It has the commercial value and very radio friendly. But the melody is a little bit similar to the song TIGA by Dayang (also by Audi Mok). But I don’t really care. This is a good song. ****

TAK PERLU (Audi Mok, Faizal Tahir / Rafidah Abdullah)
A song that straightly capture my ears! I like the lyrics. Sound cheeky and cute. Song like this needs that kind of lyric so that it can compliment each other. Very original. ****

SELAMAT TINGGAL (Pam Yuen / Imran)
When Nikki performed this song at Jomheboh, I straightly fall in love with it. It’s a pop-ballad that is so fresh musically and lyrically. I like Nikki’s voice in this song especially on the verse. Nikki should sing like this more often! Great! *****

HAWA (Kieran Kuek / Mode)
I like the beat and melody. It’s catchy. I have to listen a few times to actually like this song. Now I did! And the lyric is great. ***

BABY BABY (Nurfatima /Nikki)
Honestly, to me this song sounds a little bit ordinary either from the song or lyric. I am not saying it is a bad thing, but it a little bit what I’ve aspect from Nurfatima. If this song is sang by other singer, I may just pass. **1/2

OH! MY (Audi Mok / Ad Samad)
I heart this song! My favourite track from this album. The tango mood makes the song so fun. It added my respect to Audi. He is so versatile. Lyric by Ad Samad doesn’t need any question. He’s the next Loloq. *****

BELASMU (Kieran Kuek / Mode)
Yes. This song is so the current Mariah Carey. Basically it’s about peace and love. Songs like this never failed me. ****

RELAKAN (Audi Mok / Nur Fatima)
I am in love with this song even though its sound so Jordin Sparks (listen to Tattoo or One step at a time). This song sound ordinary but I have fun. Love it! ****

So Brian Mcknight! I love the lyric! Obviously, one of my favorite tracks in this album. ****

BETARA SUKMA (Audi Mok / Ad Samad)
I don’t why; this song reminds me to Bjork. Absurd but still great!

CINTA (Audi Mok / Azalea)
A beautiful song. The melody is magical and the lyric is great and poetic. I like this line.
“Cinta, mengapakah tak tenteram? Termenung di waktu malam. Seorang meratib sabda bagaikan pungguk rindukan bulan.” *****

Congrats to every single person that’s involved in this great album. Hopefully this album will get some appreciation from the local music industry, media and fans. I also hope that other singers in Malaysia can take this album as an example. I am tired to actually listen to radio nowadays. Most of Malaysia’s top song now sound so plain and ordinary and sometimes not original. This album is surely fresh! With a combination of great production and a very good singer, this album is a must have!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The original story of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is only a 52 pages story. In most hand, this story would be a total snooze fest. Instead, David Fincher (Se7en and Fight Club) manages to adapt the short story into an epic masterpiece that deserves to be considered by every movie lovers. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt) is one unusual circumstance.

The story follows an ordinary man that trapped by a not so ordinary condition. Benjamin Button is born the size of an average baby but with a white hair and a face full of wrinkles. He basically is born in his 80’s and age backward each year. As an abnormal child, he is abandoned by his own parents, was raised in a nursing home where he meets Daisy (Cate Blanchett) a normal girl. Benjamin and Daisy proceed with a relationship their age equalize for a short time. Despite being soul mates, their bodies will inevitably lose the race against time.

Appearing in almost every scene, Pitt makes full of his talents to show Benjamin’s progression from naïve to experience, emotionally and physically. Fincher done a good job on stringings together Pitt and Blanchett’s meticulously precise performance, to construct a damn good masterpiece. While I love this movie, it feels a little too draggy at the beginning and the middle of the movie especially all the scene when Benjamin is working on the boat. But my conclusion of this movie is, it is a masterpiece that is disturbing, heartfelt and magical. Surely not a movie that get made everyday.


Revolutionary Road

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are trapped in a world of conservative convention and they hope to defy constructed ideals and seek refuge in their love to each other. That’s the story in James Cameron’s Titanic. But this time, in this movie directed by Sam Mendes (Winslet’s husband), Revolutionary Road, they reunite to play star-crossed lovers again. This time, what keeps them trapped is not a tragedy of a ship, but it’s their marriage. Based on the acclaimed novel by Richard Yates, Academy Award winning director Sam Mendes, Revolutionary Road is set in 1955 and follows a couple trying to find fulfillment in an era of strict conformity. They have given up their dreams to live in a life that’s common to others expectation on that era.

April (Winslet) has given up her dream to be an actress to stay at home a play the role of cliché a suburbia mother and wife. Frank (DiCaprio) becomes one of thousands of other men that wear drab suits who sit in a cubicle everyday. One day April realizes that when she first met Frank, this is not the life that she ever imagines. Frank to her is so unpredictable and fun. But now, their life seems like to dull. She then comes with the idea to impulsively move to Paris and start a new life. Frank totally happy with idea and they makes plan to achieve their dream-ideal life. Their marriage continues to disintegrate as their plan to escape is cancel by Frank when he suddenly gets a big promotion at work. April is devastated with Frank decision and then makes her decision that will make Frank feel sorry for the rest of his life.

This is totally not a movie that you want to watch on a date. It’s not a love story that brings love to the mood but it is more on a movie that tell you to follow your dream. It is a great study of reality behind the façade of marital bliss. I love this story so much. More on the story, I am officially in love with Richard Yates. This story moves me. It makes me realize that in our life, it’s important to achieve your dreams. Winslet really deserve her Golden Globe on this movie. Maybe an Oscar would be nice. I am surprise that DiCaprio is not nominated in the Academy Award this year. It’s like a conspiracy is going on out there. Watch this movie and you’ll understand why I love DiCaprio so much in this movie. His expression is out of the world. I hope this movie will score at Academy Award at least for one award. I cross my finger to see this movie won Best Adaptation Screenplay. Last, for all of you that are a Valentine’s Day skeptic, I recommend this movie.