Wednesday, December 2, 2009


pix by ~kelceigh

I would like to dedicate this poem to someone that makes my life in the so terrible. I hate you and I hope you understand. O, I forgot! You'll never understand coz u just don't want to. Or maybe you're just stupid.

To death.
To nothing.
To empty spaces.
To no where.

Whirling endlessly into a cascade of darkness,
Where love can no longer harness.
Where breathe cannot be held,
Air that cannot be breathed.
I am speechless

To nothing.
To fragile.
To stillness.
To death.

Falling for eternity, forgetting how to fly.
Only wishing you could just die.
Wishing to be an angel, to spread heavenly wings,
Only to be bit by silence, deaths sting.

Go away to nothing, live to no where.
Watching life go by, giving a blank stare.
I loved you with everything, all that I had,
But I have let you down, I made you mad.

Forever trapped in eternities darkness.
Without a reason.
Locked away.
Without a key.

♥areed razman♥