Thursday, September 20, 2007

The cleansing month

Yey! Ramadan is back! It is the month for Muslims to purify and cleanse their soul and stomach. Hahaha! I always love Ramadan because I enjoy fasting so much. People that didn’t fast will never know the joy of fasting. The satisfaction of puasa is superb!

Other than that, I just love this month because of ‘Pasar Ramadan!’ In Pasar Ramadan, you can cuci mata and buy all the kuih-muih that you may only find in Ramadan. My favourite kuih will be all type of bingka, kuih talam and of coz, everyone Ramadan’s favourite – kuih pelita.

My friends hate to go to Pasar Ramadan with me! They said, i shop at Pasar Ramadan like tomorrow will a war. Hahaha! Maybe the nafsu makan have blown my mind! I can’t help it!

This year ramadan is particular special to me because it is like a countdown to my birthday. Yep people! My birthday is on 13th October. That is the date of this year raya (hopefully!). i’m so happy! Imagine all the muslim in the world will celebrate my birthday! Hahaha!

Oklah, Happy Ramadan semua! Jangan ponteng puasa!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007



Favourite makan spots

Mc D! i’m lovin’ it! It’s my favourite fast food! For Indian, I like Devi’s Corner at Bangsar. They serve the best paper thosai ever! I also love Pandi’s (PJ) nasi daun pisang. The best Tomyam would be at RAKthai restaurant at AmcorpMall. Don’t forget to order the ‘sotong butter’. It’s SUPERB! My favourite cafe will be Starbucks. I love the Green Tea Frappucino! Laksa Shack serves varieties of Laksa, and for a Laksa freak like me its heaven! Asam Laksa at a small restaurant at Ampang Point also is good! The best Nasi Ayam is at Chee Meng!

Favourite places to shop

Sungei Wang! I can spend the whole day there! (Done that with my buddy Pijan. 10am- 10pm!) But you also can spot me at MidValley because I go there at least once a week. I watch movies at GSC MidValley because it’s near my house. MidValley’s MPH bookstore is my favourite place to buy books and magazines. Radioactive is my favourite labels and I’m always at the store! If I want to cuci mata, I’ll go to IKEA!!!

Let’s go out!

I will only go out with my friends to the shopping malls, or any interesting events such as concert, art exhibition, movies screening or play. Other than that, I like to lepak at Mamak. I don’t do clubbing. It’s not for me anymore. Huhu...

Favourite local performer

It would be Dayang Nurfaizah! Whenever I went to see her performing, she totally will blew me away. I’m never bored with Dayang! She’s entertaining. I also love Atilia. She’s the next Sheila Majid. Ok, I admit, I love Siti too!


Watching TV at home! Heaven! If it is raining, SLEEP!

Most attractive neighbourhood to live in?

Damansara Perdana. Its convenience (With all the highways, it is near to everything). The place is still calm and not too overrated. Plus, it’s near to Mutiara Damansara.

What part of Klang Valley holds the fondest memories for you? Why?

Bangsar. I grew up there. I still remember going to TMC with my Atuk & Nenek, buy toys at Hankyu Jaya, eating ice-cream at McD, hang out at my friend’s house after school (or during school-when ponteng sekolah...huhuhu!) and fall in love for the first time.

Why do you think there are so many shopping complexes here?

I don’t think we have too many malls if compared to Singapore or Bangkok. Anyway, if we have too few it would be too congested especially on weekends. And people like me that love shopping so much will have a nervous breakdown!

How would you describe KL-ites?

They’re so rojak! KL-ites are various. Kids in Pantai Dalam are not the same with the kids at Bukit Damansara. The rojak thing makes us so unique! The most things I don’t like about KL-ites are they like to litter everywhere they like. Well people, use the tong sampah lah!

If you were the mayor of Klang Valley, the first thing you’d do is....

Find ways to solve the flood problems. Tolonglah, we said our negara is so meningkat maju, but when just little rain comes, the banjir will come too! Hello!? It is a visit Malaysia year! Tourists come here for the sunshine, humid and rain. Not wet socks!

What makes Klang Valley so Klang Valley?

It is so rojak in every sense of the word. The peoples, foods and cultures. Everything is just a mix of everything! I love KL!

*All the questions are taken from KLUe Magazine.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

a wedding and a question

Last Saturday is my favourite aunt wedding. I call her Achu and she’s always like a big sister to me. We shared the same interest especially our interest in Indonesian’s music, blogs, movie, play and art. Seeing one of my special ‘friend’ get married make my heart pounding so hard. It’s a mix of feeling of joy and sadness. I’m happy for her. She got married to a very good guy. My ‘Chumal’ (Achu’s hubby) is a very simple, calm, down to earth, humble, and a kind man. He is so right for her. But, at the same time I am sad because this maybe a sign that I will lost another friend.

But, maybe not!

At the wedding, a friend asked me “do you have a girlfriend now?” and I’m just stumped! I just answered it with a very hypocrite answer. I said, “I’m single but not available because I’m not searching at this moment. Being single for a while is fun!” That answer is truly a lie! ‘Not searching!?’ duh! Deep in my heart I know I want a girl to fill the emptiness inside it. Yes, I’m coward to admit that I really need love right now!

After a year being single, sometime it is hard for me to forget all the pain that I suffered from the previous relationship. The break up really tears me apart and for this moment in terms of love life, I’m just not being myself. I’m a total dishonest.

Yes, I’m confessed! I can’t get rid of her from my mind. I don’t mean the girl from my last relationship but it is the girl that I always admire and fall in love for the past 4 years. OMG! It’s been 4 years now! But I’m still in love with her! Why? Why just this feeling can’t fly away? Maybe before I met ‘the girl’, I never fall in love. Yes, I have a girlfriend before I met her but I never really fall in love with her. That is one of the reasons why I made the decision to take the separate ways with my first girlfriend. We are in love but I do not love her. It may sound complicated, but what the hell, love is complicated!

My love life is always been a secret to my friends. I never shared it with my friend or anything. The reason why I post it here is because I know they are too lazy to read my blog. So, padan muka! You guys missed my confession! Hahaha!

For this moment, I’m not going to search for love. I hope it will come to me like it always does. So, to all the girls out here, if you like me, just tell me! I may sound cheap but we never know what it’s really worth until will get it aite?!