Monday, January 30, 2012

shining star

Ixora Chern isn’t only the girl next door but an upcoming star in the Malaysia’s entertainment industry. This beauty with a brain is a great violinist and geared to showcase her unearth versatile talents in acting, TV presenting and emceeing. Ixora who grew up in Kuala Lumpur is equipped with a Bachelor Degree in Communications Studies and Economics from Chapman University, Los Angeles, USA. And currently, she is pursuing her Master Degree in Business Management at the Help University, KL.

An exclusive talent of Aquila Emas, the talent marketing and development consultancy in Malaysia, Ixora aspire to conquer the entertainment world when she got her first break as a violinist in a Dumex commercial at the age of 16. Since then, Ixora has been featured in several commercials such as Olay White Radiance, Sunsilk and Munchys. Upon returning home from the USA, she has had decided to pursue her childhood passion by becoming a professional talent as a career in Malaysia. Starting her acting career by starring in a TV series ‘Gadis Kosmo’, Ixora move a step forward when she is chosen to star in the latest nation’s historic feature film ‘Tanda Putera’ which has been directed by a prolific director, Datuk Paduka Shuhaimi Baba. Besides that, Ixora also had performed in the feature film entitled Hooray Hooray, Hooperz and Like Sunshine after the Rain.

Not only stunning and bright, Ixora also proved that other than acting, she is a valiant girl when she became a TV host for a very popular paranormal reality show, Seekers (season 8, currently is aired weekly on NTV7 on every Thursday at 8.30pm). She has encountered numerous paranormal activities during the filming process. And remarkably she managed to accomplish her task as a TV host with her strong will, dedication and enthusiasm. Recently she starred in a TV series ‘Puisi Cinta Rubiah’ for RTM and directed by Meor Hashim Manap and scheduled to host a TV programme entitled ‘Sejarawan Muda’ in February for RTM. Undeniable, Ixora is a shimmering gem of the local entertainment industry and ready to spread her wings and soars high without any uncertainty. Follow her on twitter, she's so charming! @ixora_chern

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Siti Nurhaliza on History Channel.

I am such a big fan of Siti Nurhaliza since I was 14. I can say that I know everything about Siti. She played a big part in my life. Her songs colours my days when I grow up. Such an inspiration!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Last Sunday morning, my friend Airien invite me and the ZAZAs to join her beautiful garden party at Taman Jaya. I'm so proud of Airien on her effort and courage to establish her part time buisiness. Oh Wow, Lovely! business includes DIY products such as headbands, tote bags, wedding favors and keepsakes project, wedding (guest booth/dessert table) decoration project, kids theme birthday party planner project and bridal shower decoration and goodies. For more information regarding the product range please contact Airien at her blog ( The stuff are gorjes!

ayu & zaza having fun

the ZAZAs

and party orginizer, airien aka Miss Ririen.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Emerald Atlas and four more books to read.

I know I am busy when I don’t have any time to read books anymore. Nowadays it took me about 2 month to finish a book. Just finished a great boot called Emerald Atlas by John Stephens. This is the kind of book that will have the reader glued to its pages until the stirring ending. I would equate this book to The Golden Compass, though easier to understand, and also Harry Potter. John Stephens previously a television writer, really knows how to keeps his reader attention. I saw this book at a book shop, read the first 3 pages and immediately I realized I really want to know the whole story.

The story is about the love of family, faith, and magic. The three main characters are siblings who have been taken from their parents ten years ago, forced to grow up in one orphanage after another, until finally ending up in an old mansion owned by a mysterious old man. Before they meet the old man, the children explore the house until they come upon a door that magically appears, leading fourteen Kate, and her twelve year old brother Michael, along with feisty eleven year old Emma, into a laboratory of sorts. There they
find a mysterious green leather book with filled with blank pages. When Michael, who records their lives in his journal, drops a picture onto one of the blank pages, the children are transported through time, finding themselves watching in horror as a beautiful witch threatens to drop a child into a lake.

I loved the back-story of how magic left the land, along with some real history thrown in for good measure. Stephens does a great job of adding depth to the story and for making believable and unforgettable characters. Set in modern times yet full of magic, the Emerald Atlas is non-stop action with lessons of loyalty, love and the importance of family woven masterfully into a tale that kids of all ages will find hard to put down. Like Harry Potter, the Emerald Atlas can be read by children and adults alike. Stephens' trilogy starts off with such promise. I will be eagerly awaiting book two. I hope he writes quickly.

I just bought 4 new books this week and hopefully I can finish reading all the books as soon as possible. These were the four books that I bought:

Delicacy by David Foenkinos

This book is originally written in French with the title La delicatesse. I found this book at Borders, read the synopsis at the back and intrigue to read further. So far it is good.

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

It’s been a long time since I read Sparks novel. My favourite book Sparks is The Guardian and The last Song. So I hope this book will give the same feeling like his other books.

I Miss Mummy by Cathy Glass

I am the big fan of Cathy Glass! I can read her book in 2-3 days! It’s really hard to put down her book. That’s the reason I purchased this book. To me, all of her books are must buy/read item!

One Day by David Nicholls

I read lots of bad review of this movie. I haven’t watched it yet. Then I found this book at Borders, so before actually watch the movie starring Anne Hathaway, I want to read the book first then watch the movie and judge.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Inspired by a true story, a comedy centered on a 27-year-old guy who learns of his cancer diagnosis, and his subsequent struggle to beat the disease.


Jonathan Levine


Will Reiser

Friendship is succinctly heartwarming. More so, it’s a divine blessing that enriches our soul. A staunch buddy is one whom we can let our hair down and be ourselves – no pretensions. We can wail and wallow in our sorrows without being accused of being self-piteous. True friends allow you to unload your emotional and spiritual baggage, to let these flow unashamedly, and you don’t need to hold anything back. Friends make us feel loved, respected and that we are not alone in this chaotic globe.

This is definitely one of the very few films of 2011 that has a luminously written screenplay. Unlike any dramatic and moving cancer movies, 50/50 takes a very different approach by being utterly comical with an attempt of inspirational cancer victims to stay positive. The film's portrayal of the psychological stages of Adam, from knowing to comprehension with the volcano theory as the metaphor, is convincingly honest and not cheesy at all. The acting performance of the cast is also quite impressive.

Approaching death isn’t a typical theme for comedies, but it works as the plot tool here thanks to a smart, funny and honest script by Will Reiser. It finds laughs through the characters and situations, but it never forgets the core truth that this is a story about a young man potentially facing the end of his life. The story lets Adam and the audiences experience the nuisance and anger as well as the joy and absurdity. Director Jonathan Levine trusts both the script and the actors, and together they ensure the film never crosses into melodrama or movie of the week territory.

The heart of the film can be found in both the character of Adam and the performance of Gordon-Levitt. Adam is a nice guy dealt a bad hand, and Gordon-Levitt immediately makes us comfortable around him and concerned for him simultaneously. He’s capable of expressing a lot with a little, and while he often uses his facial skills for eyebrow arching comedy, films like this and (500) Days of Summer have proven him skilled at earning an emotional response through subtle looks and gestures. Adam’s mental road trip through the stages of grief is often heartbreaking and hilarious, and Gordon-Levitt sells it all wonderfully.

verdict : 5 stars (must watch movie)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Memo by Yuna

Simply said, I love this song so much. Yuna please hurry! I want to buy Terukir di Bintang cepat!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

end of the world year?

Hey, where is it? I know we've put it somewhere. Where the hell is 2011? Is it me or the time flies like lightning? Amazing as well as really, really frightening I say. And....not to frighten you enough just a reminder if the Mayans was right (as if) this will be the last year of living. woooooo... takutnya...

Greetings Lovelies! Fun 2012 so far? Mine was great so far. The last 3 weeks of 2011, I suffer a lot with back to back sickness. It's just so unbearable. But Alhamdulillah I'm better now. Syukur. On life progress, I'm entering my second month working in Aquila Emas as creative development and communications exec. So far so good. But we never really know. As some of you may know, I hate doing routine job. So far my job here is opposite of that so I better be thankful. Hihi.

Do you know anything about Kenanga Wholesale City? I went there with my friends Ririen, Zaza and Zhaf. I predict that this mall gonna beat Sungei Wang Plaza popularity. With much cheaper yet stylo shop, this maybe will be the new places for teenager to shop during weekend or when they get the PTPTN money. haha.

Back to the end of the world topic, if you asked any Paleolithic hunter ten thousand-years ago, the end of the world due to climate change was a laughable idea. But the last three hundred odd years of the industrial revolution would wipe that grin off his bearded face, as the numbers of humans have grown to more than 7 billion. Our demands have created industries that squeeze out of the planet what it took Mother Earth millions of years to produce. Oil and gas drilling in remote places; coal mining to the damage of the land; forest degradation; exploding limestone hills around Ipoh (ehem ehem) if we want to see something closer to home. You name it; we humans do it in the name of economic development. The end of the world is coming and we don't have anyone to blame but ourselves.

Sometimes we human think we are bigger than the earth, smarter and more technologically advanced. We love all the high-technology progress, the fast life and the constant move. The end of the world topics might slow us down and remind us about the limited powers that still left in this great world/earth.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Raisa -Serba Salah

I love the tune of this song and Raisa's voice is so sweet and simple. A feel good song for me. Even though the lyrics is so contrary. Raisa just released her self-titled debut album and this album produced by Asta Andoko (RAN), Ramadhan Handy (Soulvibe), and Adrianto Ario Seto (Soulvibe). This album is a great collaboration by young talented people in Indonesia. If you like India Arie, Joss Stone, Atilia and Brian McKnight, you gonna love Raisa's music. This is a good start for a new singer like Raisa. All the best girl!

Other than this song Serba Salah, there's one more great song I want to share. It's Raisa's "Apalah (Arti Menunggu)" click here to see the vids


Happy 2012 friends! I hope this year will bring happiness to me, and the rest of the world. To start this year blog post, lets look at the list of things we're looking forward in 2012.

1. The last of Twilight movies. Thank God it's finally gonna end soon!
2. My Bff's engagement (ayu poppish)
3. Bunohan in all it's uncensored glory. Fingers crossed!
4. Barajiwa hit the cinema. (ke Jiwa Taiko?)
5. New coins and money design. I wonder why there's still no triangle coins?
6. Elections.
7. Emma Stone in Spiderman new movie. Ok, another spiderman movie. Just hope I like this version of spiderman.
8. The new James Bond movie, Skyfall.
9.Yuna's 2nd album, Terukir di Bintang
10. Shinee's concert in Malaysia. A dream I hope come true.
11. a new 10 episode season of Arrested Development
12. Mark Ruffalo attempts what Eric Bana and Edward Norton couldn't do: play The Hulk in a successful movie, The Avengers.
13. Lee Chong Wei beat that corky LinDan ass! It's time already.
14. Kenanga Mall popularity rise to the roof beating Sungai Wang.
15. Finally, some very dissapointed Mayans.

What Are You Doing New Years Eve? by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

happy nu year!