Wednesday, December 31, 2008

sorry isn't the hardest word anymore

Photo by ~Egglet

Firstly, I want to apologies to a single soul that may be hurt because of my previous post. Yes, I am very sorry that I had to put the complicated moment to its end. Honestly I am not a person that really can face complexity very well. Especially things that are related to my feelings. Even though I tried to fool myself once, but it's seems like I got no power to stay strong and just be happy with it. Sorry that my decision is final. Sorry.

Sometimes I wish I could live in an understanding-free zone. I could roll around in pigshit ignorance not thinking about anybody else's feelings or circumstances or future or past. I could live my life at the same fluffy-duffy superficial level as everyone else, relieved of the compulsion to satisfy everyone.

But then, I realised, at the end of the day, I'm just playing human. As a person, I am sometime complicated. But that doesn't mean that I want to live in a complicated life.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

so right but yet so wrong

pix by *julkusiowa

How can something feel so right can be so wrong? Can someone please answer the question that keep running in my head since ever. Yes, you all must be damn bored already when you guys know that the question is related to my love life. Love is damn complicated right?! (sigh! Sigh! Sigh!)

This kind of wrong-feel-so-right thingy sometimes make me so tired to fall in love anymore (or again). Oh God, for a while, please avoid the feeling from me. I don't want to fall in love in 2-3 years from now.

Talking about love, I had experienced all the common drama/ tragedy. 1) Truly love someone that will never love me. Done. 2) Someone that I will never love, love me so much. Done. 3) Truly love someone that truly love me back but we can't fall in love. Done!!!! Yay for me! I can get an award with the title “ Achievement of a lifetime – in love Drama”. Hahaha. =(

Love suppose to be so easy. Love can make the world so peace. But when you're in love tragedy, the world seems to be like the hardest place to live. (Habis tu kau nak duduk katne ared?!) People say that love is the medicine for a lonely heart. But what if there's no love? I guess I'll get the epidemic of loneliness. (sigh! Lagi...)

p/s: I love you sooo much, but I just can't. Sorry.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ana raffali

I'm not kidding when i say Ana Raffali is damn talented. Watch this video. Listen to the song. Listen to her voice!


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Lots of things happened lately but i just don't have the urge to write. Maybe because I am so tired. (Penat ke? haha!) For a start, I already got my driving license (at last). Now I have the love-to-drive car syndrome. It's common to people that just get their licences maybe. But I don't like to drive the manual car. It's just so hard! Luckily my dad cars are automatic. Ghee!

I went to Rantai Event last Saturday. I don't like it this year especially the art exhibition. Nothing much to see. Not that interesting accept for the lomokids and a picture by palancut. I got to watch Ana Raffali performed live at rantai that evening. With Aidit Alfian and Andy Flop Poppy backing her up on music, It's a blast! she's so sweet, and her music... WOW! No wonder Aidit always promoting her music to me. Jaga-jaga abg aidit! dah ada pesaing ni! haha!

Other than that, on the same time at Sg. wang rooftop, there's a free a gig called U.O.X play. Got the chance to see one buck shot playing. I really want to see White Shoes & The Couples Company play but i got to went home early. too bad! maybe next time.