Monday, August 25, 2008

shut the f*** up!

pix by piisii

I am tired with myself lately. I realized that everybody the same age with me have grow up but not me (I mean mentally). I am soooo not into the adult world! I am not ready for the adulthood. It's a state where people aspect too much from you, while you know deep inside you're just a kid. Not an adult yet!

I don't know, maybe its true or it's just me being selfish. Wait! Isn't selfish is a characteristic of an adult? Maybe I AM ready for adulthood! As if!

Or maybe my hormone and mood is not stable today. So I tell myself, shut the f*** up!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

big idea

pix by: ghostmilk

My life is quite dull for this moment! It's so flat and uninteresting! huhuhu... Luckily one day while I'm watching tv, I saw an ad about this website : . Finally, I think this is it! This is my calling! I am always had ideas on making lots of TV program. Hopefully I can give my best shot in giving idea trough this program. huhu!

For my plan on this ramadhan, I will open a booth at a bazaar ramadhan near my house at Pantai Dalam with my mak uda. We will sell stuff like drinks (watermelon, guava, asam boi, asam limau, jagung etc), puding, baked macaroni, bubur etc. At least I got extra money for raya! Plus, I planned to go for a holiday at Jakarta on this raya. huhuhu... (harap-harap jadi la!!!) =)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

in the air...

pix by ~MartheMa

cinta di udara
ingin aku bersama nya

cinta di udara
ingin terbang memeluk nya

cinta di udara
kelap kelip indah detik nya

cinta di udara
gapai lah tangan terus mendakap nya

cinta di udara
datanglah bersama nya

Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm Back!

pix by restless033

At last I can spare some of my time to write something on this blog. I am totally back people! Huhu..

Today I want to write about my work experience and why I quit my job so fast. No, I am not going to be so emotional as you guys hope, I just want to make it clear (hopefully).

The reason why I quit my job is I can't stand my boss. I don't care if you said that I quit too fast or whatever but I am sure any person that have emotional level like me will quit the job too. Like my ex-officemate said, there is no male staff can ever stand my boss. I have 2 bosses, a male and a female. The female boss is OK but the other one is so irritating and I hate to see his face any longer. Everyday when I go for work, I can feel the tension running out my head. He even haunting me when I am not at work. Did I do my good enough? or will he satisfy with my work? Are the questions that's always bugging my mind. It is so stressful! He is the kind of person that ask for things that are impossible to do. He keep judging on my video editing and ask me to re-edit. There's one video of a model that he asked me to edit and I have edit it for 7th times and he is still not satisfied. Then, I figure that I want to test him. For the 8th time, I send my first editing and he said that is what he want. Duh! It's so annoying! It's more annoying when I know the fact that he didn't know anything about video editing and he is COLOURBLIND! What the f*** up! (Cool down areed, don't lost your temper here) hahaha!

I am also annoyed for the fact that the company is only a modelling agency company that provide model for people that do TV commercial and Print Ad. What's the point to make extra ordinary video when all the client wanted to see is only the face and the potential of the models. Everyday, when he walk in into the office, my mood to work is totally turn to zero. I got a nature in me that I cant perfom well when I don't have heart to do it. So, after lots of thinking and advise from my friends, I quit the job! Huh!