Thursday, April 16, 2009

i know!

I know! It's been a while kan!? huhuhu... Busy3x!

My friend, Yusuf just got back from Italy. He had a long (3 weeks) vacation with his little brother. Kinda cool kan? Two guys backpacking across Italy. Kudos guys! Thanks for all the great stories and pictures of Italy. It's great to know Italy more than just the usual beautiful Venice and Rome. I am in love with that country now! And the cheese that you bought me from the land of Sardinia is the best cheese I ever had! Wish one day I'll reach that place.

My other friend, Farhan is back in KL now and as usual, when he's around, I am officially damn busy! He's getting married end of this year so we have to make some preparation for his small yet classy wedding party. (Attn Hakim, You're voted to be his best-man! Congrats!)

Last week I went for an interview at Uitm (Art and Design Faculty) for my masters application. I think I am tru. It's not that tough (the interview) and maybe it's just for formality. So, around July, I AM A STUDENT again! (Yey! & Sigh!) Masters in Art and Design (Visual Communication and New Media). Sounds interesting kan?! Ok la tu, dari course kat UM yang boring tu, Masters in Publishing.... (Sorry UM! Boring!)

For this year AIM, I am totally bored and sick of the nomination. Malas nak tulis pasal AIM this year! Kenapa dorg x suka Nikki? Haish! But, if you really want to know what I think of AIM this year, just read what my friend pijan wrote on his blog. Quite precise.