Monday, July 30, 2012


Assalamualaikum. Here we're again in this great month of Ramadhan. This is my favourite month of the year. This year means a lot to me. This is actually the first time ever I'm working in Ramadhan. So far it's been a blessing. Alhamdulillah. 8 months had passed and I'm still holding on to this job. I always complain about my current job, i come to realise that this job really give me lots of experience in my field. I still hate the part that I have to work on media and PR department but on the production side, I'm so happy. My creative juice had been squished and I love it, especially when my boss and colleague appreciate my work. Let's see how long more will I stay here. Yes, I've to consider on my financial part though. ;)

Last month, my writing came out in EH! magazine. When my friend invites me to write something about fashion and style, I really doubt myself. I'm not a fashion freak to be exact. But when he told me that I should write whatever I know, the writing cannot stop. I've done about 10 times of proof reading on my writing and the end result makes me smile. Maybe I'll post the article in my next post.

Alhamdulillah (again and again) my first ever idea will be translated to screen next month. 'Salji Untuk Mabel' is my little baby. Thanks to the multi talented Marini Mat Zain, the script for that telemovie have become reality. Marini wrote it as beatiful as I can imagine. I'm honoured to work with such a talented writer. Plus, Ixora Chern gonna play Mabel. Grinnnn!!! hihihi.

I'm still feel the bitterness because I just lost my grandma last month. Sometimes memories with her just come to my mind. But, I've to keep living happily cause I know she's gonna go to heaven. I love u Nenek Ton, eternal. Al-Fatihah.