Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stress and Demotivated

Its been 4 month now, working at this company as Executive Creative Development and Communications. Seriously, I felt a little bit demotivated due to several reasons. Sometimes the stress is so high, I feel that I can't bare with anymore. Work! If it is not stressful, it's not WORK. Really? Sigh.

Here a video of a cute bear doing KungFu. Ok, I release my stress by watching youtube video now. hahaha.

Other than playing Sims Social, the way to let out my ngantuk-ness is to translate Korean songs into Bahasa Malaysia. Just translate 'Cry Cry' by T-ara and 'We're in Love' by T-ara & Davichi. I'll post it next week. Ciao! Aaaarghhh!

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